Simple messages in a #COVID19 world

Should I have blogging more over the last two months of lockdown? Too right! But the truth of the matter is I’ve been almost busier than ever living a life in the virtual world.

True for the first two weeks of #lockdown, when the world went into shock, it felt as if we’d all become demented Lady Macbeth’s – “What, will these hands ne’er be clean?” Of course it was not guilt over murder or any such foul deeds but to save mankind from the wretched Coronavirus 19.

“Wash your hands!” Such a simple message for a threat almost too big for us to take in and yet combined with imposed isolation it has been working. Though we know it’s not over.

High-end fahion: Alexia Genta with a range of her handmade headbands

I’d say that the “keep it simple” rule is a good one to use for your business message.

One brilliant example has been the work I’ve been doing for Alexia Genta launching Geraldine London on May 1 – an online business borne out of Lockdown. It specialises in unique and limited-edition headbands, upcycling beautiful materials from her core business Alexia Alterations, which has been forced to go on hold.

Customers are loving these beautiful hair accessories – a real lifesaver for many women struggling with #lockdownhair. However, what the likes leading UK news agency PA Media has been impressed with is that 20% of the sales is being donated to Women’s Aid to help their work for women victims of domestic abuse which has risen during lockdown.

sustainable high-end fashion
Coverage on Geraldine London by #EmmaJohnson in anumber of Reach regional papers.

If there is one lesson to take away from the changes imposed on us by COVID-19 is all our actions impact on the people and the world around us – and to protect ourselves, business like everything else must play its part. Business just for profit is not acceptable and not sustainable.


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