Carol Miller
Carol Miller

Publicity for your brand

Joining the dots  ...
to reach the people that matter to you
and achieve effective communication

Trust in your aspirations

Public Relations is all about trust:

  • My trust that the information we share is genuine
  • Your trust in a strategy I provide
  • The trust that we earn in the media and with stakeholders
  • The trust of people who matter to you

My commitment is to help you achieve your brand aspirations.

Communication is key to ensuring you deliver the messages that you want to achieve about you, your products and your business.

I can help define what perceptions you want to create or change and deliver a PR campaign to help you get fantastic results around your brand. Take a look at my Services or Client Stories or Blog

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Media and Communications


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I needed to reposition my business to highlight the benefits to the businesses I work with. Carol sat down with me and asked me lots of questions to pull out what it was I needed to say. She then put the words together, helped me think about ways to frame the message and embed that narrative. I am constantly referring back to the words she put together for me and reusing them in all sorts of context to help ensure my message is clear and consistent. Thank you, Carol!
Jane SheridanManaging Director Ed2Biz