March: COVID 19 and the value of good PR in a crisis

Investing in good public relations will do more for your brand than marketing alone and when your business is facing a crisis it is invaluable.

Coronavirus 19 is that crisis and if you haven’t already taken steps to manage your communications here are some steps that you will want to put in place – now!

Step up to crisis communications

  1. Be prepared – Set up a crisis team that can communicate remotely to gather facts and information, ensuring a chain of command and spokesperson
  2. Messaging – This is what your brand is about, provide honest relevant facts and information, empathise and engage with your audience
  3. Communicate – Make sure your staff know the communication plan and facts, share relevant facts and information with stakeholders, share with media as needed
  4. Understanding media flow – Monitor all media & information, double check facts and information before preparing any statements
  5. Deliverables – Prepare a statement and news release, choose channels and content as appropriate
  6. Adapt – Review your plan to ensure you are able to adapt to changes.


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