What I can do for your brand

  • A PR campaign to help you get results around your brand
  • Communication is key to delivering your brand message
  • I can help define what perceptions you want to create, or change and deliver.

Media and Communications

Carol with a Media Client
Media and Communications with Carol Miller

No matter how big or small your business is, communication is key to ensuring you deliver the messages that you want to achieve about you, your products and your business.

I can help you define what perceptions you want to create or change and deliver a PR campaign to help you get fantastic results around your brand.

For SMEs and start-ups it’s about embedding awareness as well as creating a buzz and interest in their story.

For larger companies I can help change perceptions and create renewed excitement in a brand.

Food & Drink

In addition to having a wealth of experience in journalism and communications, working over 12 years with Waitrose, the UK’s fastest growing supermarket chain, has given me an in-depth understanding of this niche area and has led to a wide range of contacts across the industry.

It’s an industry where people are driven by a passion for their products, like those at Ripley Farmers’ Market in Surrey. However, in one of the fastest growing areas of the economy advertising is sometimes just not enough to get your story out there.

I can deliver a communications campaign to help you achieve the media penetration you want to make and achieve positive engagement with your brand in the public and media areas you want to target.

Personal PR

Personal PR

Media awareness was never as keen as it is today and many individuals are realising the effectiveness of becoming brands in their own right.

I will work with you to put in place a bespoke media contact programme that can help you to become a go-to source and build your profile in the media.

By entrusting me with your media management I can provide you with your own personal press office handling a range of areas that includes the booking and management of interview slots.

Internal Communications

A high value company will know that its success in building or changing perceptions through external communications goes hand in hand with communicating within their business.

With over 12 years in a key role in the internal communications for Waitrose, which as part of the John Lewis Partnership is widely regarded as achieving outstanding internal communications, my services helps clients to promote benchmark values internally to staff, who are the key stakeholders in any venture and are a company’s most important ambassadors.

Internal Communications
Internal Communications