Not just for men!

Back from a long weekend in the New Forest, I was pleased at the turnout for the first Woking Chamber of Commerce Woking Women in Work events that I helped instigate.

Mindi McLean had agreed to be our guest speaker at the breakfast meeting at The Talbot in Ripley and I can only imagine that our guests were truly amazed at what a treat her insights were for them. Formerly a successful broadcast journalist Mindi is the kind of woman who is full of energy and inspiration and it’s no surprise that now that this American has made her home in the pretty village of Ripley in the UK’s Surrey Hills she has become a highly successful entrepreneur in property and hospitality. So many good stories – why would you want to confine the event to just women?! So we didn’t!

Not just women


Trade food fairs can be hard work and they always involve miles of walking as you investigate one after the next food or drink offering at closely placed stands along numerous aisles. That said the Bellavita Expo at the Camden Design Centre is one of the more relaxing events. More intimate, its exhibitors bring a Mediteranean perspective. Somehow it sits very happily at odds with the reserved interest of the English visitors to this event. Sharing the experience with my longstanding client and fellow foodie Terry Tidbury, we were able to indulge in some of our favourite treats and discover new ones.

I have to admit that donkey chocolate was not a great taste experience but we are still wondering who has the courage to milk the donkeys?


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