That A-Team moment

26 June 2019

It’s always satisfying when a client appreciates a good job but today I felt like quoting Col ‘Hannibal’ Smith: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

news & mail

The client on this occasion was the Woking News & Mail, which I’ve been working for for over two years and helped it to increase the volume of its sales by 20%. I had persuaded the Terry Tidbury the paper’s Managing Director to consider a new project and though initially very interested and supportive, I knew he was a bit anxious about the plan which saw us this morning at the University of Surrey. It didn’t help that we couldn’t find the office we were meant to be meeting our hosts in but I had put in a lot of preparation work so I was confident.

Prof. Richard Murphy, who heads up the university’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability, proved not only to be attentive but very interested in our proposition with a number of exciting suggestions to bring to the table. The two men were clearly enjoying bouncing ideas off each other and we even have a rough idea of a target date in 2020.

I just hope that the summer vacation doesn’t have a diluting effect on something that has win-win written all over it.


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